Friday, May 27, 2011

self project

well im still in the process of doing my hair i got help lighting the whole bottom layer but since my hair so dark i got to go over it again see if i can get it any lighter then ill have to tone it and when it all over i will show it to the world lol

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

bleach fun

my do it your self bleach job.........ill try to get after pic soon thats all for now signing off!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

mod is the word

Im not a small girl but i go gaga over the cloths at they put a modern twist on vintage clothing. now the 70s are coming back in a big way even thou its not my favorite decade they make the cutest things. im starting the work out at my local gym next week so its a goal of mine to be able to buy something on here that fits perfect check it out

Friday, May 20, 2011

Not my cup of tea

Sad to say i have not been doing much hair lately i know makes me sound like im slacking but ive been scheduled to do a lot of micoderms so there been no time. For all you who dont no what that is its a machine has crystals and you go over the face or body with a pen that put out crystals and used suction to vacuum up all the dead skin so the skin rejuvenate its self. no i feel this isnt my passion but i like it and its a big tip maker. i did do a shampoo set on a older woman, i used spray starch and a curling iron what is the best way? i like to no what to use. i picked it out so it looked great i just want to be faster. so i need to get back in old way.

Monday, May 16, 2011

do i make the cut

There are times when you second guess your self, there are doubts are you sure you can succeed. Yesterday was one those days i was doing a regular lighter so i figure everything would go fine one thing i didnt do was a strand test. I applied the bleach made sure both sides looked alike washed out after like 20mins and noticed right off  it was mushy scared me we brushed it huge clumps came out. I made this woman cry i almost started to myself she so frightened she going to have cut her hair or go bald i dont no what to do i no there not much can be done i told her alot condition and protein  treatments and said whatever i can do. Its things like this is when i dont think i should be doing this am i not made to do what i love in life. No matter what i do it seems i just mess up hard core. I get lost in it and have to start climbing out my hole all over again.   

Saturday, May 14, 2011


My poor nine old sister is in that bad hair cycle in life, you know those few years in life where your hair is a total mess no matter what you do you cant fix it. If you say you haven't ever had this problem your lying or your time has not come rest a sure it will lol. So my baby sis Callie's hair is a matted mess no matter what product i put in it, if i curl it or straightening it, that mouse of a hot mess is the beast I'm trying to tame i think when i find the right cut we will get over this mess. I need some good suggestions.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

roller set

All i wanted to day was a roller set in my hair. i was bond and determined to have it done i even brought my own setting lotion by design essentials because my school does not sell it. i want my tight curls to turn in to bouncy Marilyn curls. First got in trouble for toning leonnas hair because we were told to wait, then had to get mannequin work done before anything fun was to be done. Since leonna is leaving for Atlanta tomorrow i wanted to make sure this girl was happy with everything  i gave her a pedi to before she goes off to see her man at his graduation . A girls work is never done so no roller set for me I'm dreaming of loose curl like  the one and only MM!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

mothers day

Hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day. Had a pretty decent one for not having children of my own for now. Went and helped my 9 yr old twin brother and sister plant flowers for my mommy dearest. Then off to my grandparents, my wonderful fiancee mowed the yard while my grandma showed the young ones pictures from when i was young and even father back when my mom and when they were to. i just loved the pictures of my great aunt pat she had the perfect bufont hair it was perfectly teased and like a helmet hair i swear i will never have with my kinky curly hair.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

the age of the cheese ball si fi movies




This cheesy movie made in 1958 has all the glory of the no plot but beautiful girls age of lovey women polished hair and flawless make up makes me want to watch it over and over

Friday, May 6, 2011

texas horror

yesterday this poor lady came in she had gotten a perm and color at the same time a big no no if hair is over processed. we had to do a deep condition under hair dryer for 15mins and it still felt like a brillo pad. i asked where she got it done come to find out this part time band lead singer got it done at a beauty school in texas and has for the last 10 years( GOOD GOING TEXAS) us girls here in midwest no just cause she wants big texas hair doesnt mean she can have it, which i have to say on my own behalf i LOVE big big id just like to thank you for my client she going to be coming back for a while.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

color troubles

im almost done with beauty school and i know im skilled at many things one i just cant get is how to tone high lighted hair i turn it to where it has to much ash or to much red i just cant even it out. the most horrible part is i did my good friend the other day she wanted go from dark like a level 5 to blonde level 8 no problem did that. then came the bad part im pretty sure i had the right colors to tone with this time i knew it was going to work, then what did i do i used 20 vol developer instead of processing solution i wanted to cry for her it was like a grey green tint. all i no is i better get this down in a few months or ill no coloring for me but i know i will get there.....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my true loves

I think this is a good intro to my self is showing that one my true passions in life are tattoos i might not no about them as much as some and dont have as many as others (i only have five) but they are one my true loves in life. i love how they can enhance some one look both in a good or bad way make plain in to something special
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