Saturday, August 20, 2011


Ive always been a huge music lover i have every device records, tapes and 8 tracks thou. my favorite are a records its something about the sound of that scratchy noise in the back ground makes it more better. There are some singers that ive always have been in to like elvis,hank williams., ramones, social distortion, and all 50s bubble gum pop. Now i started out listen to what i was around all the time and in the midwest that its rock bands like korn, papa roach and Lincoln park and i realized quick that wasnt for me. I then got in to punk like x ray spec, sex pistols, and the cramps, black flag and tons more and i still love it but now for last 5 years it been rockabilly and psychobilly bands like rev horton heat, kim lenz, demented to go,shackshackers, honeybees,the creepshow, the brains and some many more here some my favorites

Sunday, August 7, 2011

alone time

well i had to go out and get me a day job so i haven't been doing many things in the land of beauty so i haven't been able to post much i hope to change that here is my latest project lace nails i didnt have all i needed i just used base coat lace and top coat so it was alittle stiff and snagged on things i need to get 
Brush-on Gel Resin Glue dry spray to do it right but i think i did good for first time